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Referral App for Employees

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

My Role

UX Design & Project Management.


Banesco is a financial organization with a presence in five countries, (Venezuela, Panamá, Dominican Republic, USA, and Spain) It has about 18.000 employees.

Employees at this organization didn't know the products and services available to the customers unless the ones that are in the sales department.

The project idea was to provide to all employees across the organization an app as a referral solution to engage with prospects on the go.

Providing every single employee the portfolio of products of the whole organization plus been able to send the lead to the right person within the bank to get a response in no more than 48 hours.


Banesco Panamá Bank.


4 months.


  • Marvel app

  • Lookback

  • Sketch

  • Axure

  • Omnigraffle

Business metrics

  • User testing

  • Task completion rate

Problem Statement

All employees not related to the Sales department are missing opportunities to refer new prospects to the business for lack of knowledge about the company products, requirements, and rates. Additionally, where there is a referral it gets most of the time lost for slow servicing and lack of convenient follow-up.


Offering an app that contains all the bank products by country will allow the employees to choose a product that matches the prospect's needs. The employee will collect basic contact information and will be submitted with the app to the right department for future follow up maximizing the sales opportunity to the whole organization.

Research Methods

  • User interviews

  • Surveys

  • Benchmark

  • Usability testing

Low Fidelity Wireframe

I was studying UX online at UCLA extension while I was working at Banesco Panamá Bank, and I told to myself: Why not focusing my class project and create something for the bank?

So I started designing possible interfaces and functionalities based on the business needs. They loved the idea!

Site Map

The main goal is to make the structure as simple to use as possible.

User Flow Diagram

The interaction with the app should not take the user more than 1 or 2 min.


Styles were based on the company branding manual.

Content Strategy and High Fidelity Wireframe

The app needed to have all the products responding to the main customer questions like what are the requirements, limits, rates, benefits, etc. I should be brief but concrete.

Final UI

Capturing the basic customer information the employee was able to generate a lead on the go fast and easy.


See how easy but powerful is this idea. Applying gamification with a leaderboard and making the employees gain points is a clever and fun tool to generate leads. Additionally solves the engagement problem that regular tools on intranets have, that most are boring!

Conclusion and Challenge

This project had a big challenge, the bank didn't have a CRM (Customer relationship manager) to receive and track in an organized way the lead submitted by the app. For the MVP we (a developer and me) received the leads in a Google Sheet but handling decent SLAs (Service level agreements) wasn't possible due to the manual process on the back of the system.

Lessons Learned

  • Find a Sponsor to secure resources and support

  • Clearly define the project scope

  • Determine all the project requirements with some SMEs support

  • Always keep not only the external but the internal user in mind. Who/which platform will serve the user on the back?

  • Not forget to have fun

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