• Manuel Escotet

Online Banking Banesco USA

My Role

UX Architecture


Implementation of a “white label” online banking platform. IU couldn't be changed aside from navigation labels and buttons.


Banesco USA


Project took one year but the UX phase was 3 months only.


  • Screen Recording Software - User Testing

  • Google Slides - For IU feedback

  • Vendor Salesforce case management platform - Used for change request and follow up

Business metrics

  • Task Completion Rate - TCR

  • System usability Scale - SUS

Problem Statement

A new Online Banking platform was implemented in the bank and all stakeholders want to change the button names and options within the menu based on their own assumptions and opinions threatening the user experience navigation. The first TCR test scored low.


A Usability testing was performed to the platform (with the UI untouched from the vendor) and it was discovered that the TCR was very low. Navigation enhancements were applied and Usability Testing repeated to validate assumptions and increase TCR and SUS.

Research Methods

  • User interviews

  • Surveys

  • Benchmark

  • Usability testing

  • Information Architecture

UI adjustments

The labels were renamed in some places and the buttons relocated for better usability based in our customer's comments.

Example: Renaming and eliminating options on the interface.

More than 100 cases were open to make UI improvements

The test was performed with 15 Retail and 10 Business users to understand if the changes make sense for the user. The session time average was 25 min. Here are a couple of pictures while they were testing the interface.

User Testing - TCR

A survey research method was used to identify the most used features in an online banking platform to later be able to design simple but effective task to perform User Testing.

The test was performed with 5 participants at its time to found 85% of the usability problems. Adjustments were made to the IU and testing was performed again to validate.

An example of a navigation change was: Rename Move Money to Transfer & Pay and Wires to Payments.

Final Look

Conclusion and Challenge

This was a very important project for the bank. The User Experience Architecture was improved moving functionalities and changing buttons, titles and descriptions labels to make it friendlier to the user. It was a challenge to improve the TCR without changing the UI since it wasn't allowed by the provider.

I manage to make key features more accessible always taking into consideration the business and security department's point of view.

Lessons Learned

  • A UX specialist can always make a difference to improve the user experience

  • We UX designers are responsable to fulfill the user needs regardless of the adversities

  • Other departments most likely will resist to change, proof of changes have to be supported with user testing, benchmarking and research

  • UX is little understood by any other area. Solid facts will always help!

  • Persuade the company departments with the user always in mind

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