• Manuel Escotet

Online Banking Banesco Panamá

My Role

UX Project Manager.

I was responsable for managing the 5 UX designers and the whole look and feel project, putting together the Business, Users and Designers to come up with a solution to satisfy all parts. I didn't do any design presented on this particular project, but I did participate in all the research and discovery and testing process.


Banesco Panamá Bank (Venezuela and Dominican Republic as well) needed a new online banking platform with a unique and user-friendly interface. Manuel Escotet was responsible for managing a team of four Ux designers to accomplish this goal. This platform is been use for millions of customers in three different countries.

Even though I didn’t design the UI I was in charge of the look and feel of the platform to make sure the business and user need were addressed getting everyone involved while monitoring the whole process.


Banesco Panamá.


4 months.


  • Invision

  • Axure

  • Omnigraffle

  • Sketch

Business metrics

  • Task Completion Rate - TCR

  • System usability Scale - SUS

Problem Statement

Banesco Panamá Bank had many complaints about its not user-friendly Online Banking platform. Users were constantly confused and frustrated with the system that was in place.


With the implementation of a new Online Banking Platform Banesco Panamá bank could successfully offer its users the best experience possible to secure, retain and also keep up with the big demand of user-centric interfaces.

Research Methods

  • Internal and External User Interviews

  • Card-Sorting

  • Brainstorming Workshops

  • Surveys

  • Usability Testing Remotely

  • Information Architecture

  • Call Center Research

Discovery, What did we do?

During the first stages, the UX’s team worked on 3 axes. Know the bank and its dynamics, understand how customers think and connect with the brand and work on different hypotheses of Online Banking.

A lot of effort was put into promoting and moderating the participation of all areas of the bank that had interference in Online Banking.

Customer Experience, Security, Marketing, International Department, Domestic and Corporate banking participated in different dynamics. By the way did you noticed the Tic Tac? =o)

Architecture, Many small changes

We put a great effort into understanding the mental model of Banesco's internal users and clients to create a practical and familiar information architecture for current clients and easily recognized for the next new clients.

With the card sorting technique and different tests with users, we test how users relate the functionalities to the vocabulary and its demographic location in the interface.

We started from here

Some stats

Final Look

Conclusion and Challenge

This was the online banking platform for the bank, a key UX project. I convince the CEO that this investment for the user was necessary and the results were better than expected. The UI is unique and modern, focused on the user, something that may sound trivial in the US but not in Panamá where this bank is serving.

A challenge was to find customers to serve for the testing, even with a monetary incentive many didn't come to the sessions, so we will schedule more than one at the same time to maximize participation.

The major challenge was technical. The bank had another project at the same time and it was about replacing the core banking system, which is the heart of the bank. The project had some major issues making the performance of the online banking platform very unstable, damaging the launch of the new experience.

Regardless, the reviews on the IOS and Android store were and still are five stars, complimenting especially the IU experience.

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